We use only high quality, nickel/lead free metals. All of our jewelry is made using filled gold, sterling silver, vermeil, brass or a combination of these metals as noted.


We always suggest measuring for your desired length before placing an order. This cuts out most of the guessing and ensures you get what you are expecting. Using a piece of string is a great method and allows you to see where the necklace will sit on the chest. Each necklace will be custom made to your selected length; this won't necessarily be the inches of chain received, as other materials are also taken into consideration, but it should sit on the chest close to this length. 


Our general categorizing terms are: Blonde; lightest tones / Medium; various browns + reds / Dark; deep browns + reds or black. Some of our designs may also be available in more than one wood tone: Two-Tone; two different tones / Ombre; dark to light tones. 

* Please note that we have 20+ salvaged species on hand at any given time; the wood for each order is chosen based off the tone selected (either light, medium, dark or multiples when applicable) in combination with our preference for that design. If you are specific about the wood shade you will receive other than a general shade, please ask for photos prior to placing an order. 


WOOD // 

All of our block material is salvaged, repurposed or reclaimed; not all blocks are made in exactly the same wood species and/or sizes. Each block is available as listed and are subject to change. Our general sizes are 1.75", 2" and 3" and wood species will vary by what is in stock. 


Unless otherwise stated, our blocks do not come with a finish of any kind. They are freshly sanded and free of sawdust. Painted blocks are painted with a non-toxic paint and finished as individually specified. 


All blocks include personalization. No two designs will turn out the same because all wood species burn differently. Proofs will be provided via email and include one revision. All proofs must be approved before an order can be completed.

* Please note that all wood shades vary, even with the same species. For example: one cedar block may be a completely difference shade of brown than another cedar block.