Wood Jewelry: Often times your piece may be similar, but it also may be a completely different palette. Each order is made in line with the options selected (see general categorizing terms below), but all product images are of past orders. We try to shoot for similar, but we use what we have in stock at the time of your order.

general categorizing terms:

  • Blonde | lightest tones 

  • Medium | various browns + reds 

  • Dark | deep browns + reds or black.

some of our designs may also be available in multiple wood tones:
  • Two-Tone | two different tones 

  • Ombre | dark to light tones

Please note: We have 20+ salvaged species on hand at any given time; the wood used for your jewelry piece is based off the tone selected by you (either light, medium, dark or multiples when applicable) in combination with our preference of stock. If you are specific about the wood shade you will receive, rather than a general shade, please ask for photos prior to placing an order.