The majority of our jewelry is made from lead and nickel free high quality 14k gold fill or .925 sterling silver. We do offer some gold plated options to help keep costs down on specific styles. If you have sensitive skin and can wear 14k gold without any issues, 14k gold fill is a great option. 


You can keep your jewels looking pretty for years to come by incorporating a handful of tips into your routine.

  1. Remove jewelry before sleeping
  2. Avoid sitting water (showers, pools, beaches, ect.)
  3. Apply beauty products first
  4. Store away from other jewelry and inside a box or bag
  5. Clean with a jewelry cleaning cloth (available here)


If you are in need of a jewelry fix, just email and we can go over your options. 

For finer chain styles, please keep in mind that they look delicate because they are delicate. :) This means they can break if pulled, snagged or worn too tightly as a choker. These styles may not be able to be fixed.